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We Buy Houses To Remodel And Resell


For fastest service, call us to see if your house fits our needs and what we can pay!  We will set a time to take a quick look at your house and will have our buy price ready for you the next day.  

We respect your time and can have a general price range conversation by phone if you are not quite ready for a walk-through appointment....

If you have an asking price in mind, we can usually determine by phone if we can move forward at your price. Call for quick over the phone price quote !


We complete transactions based on all around good decision making and respectful mutual agreement. Our money talks and is guaranteed by our rock solid contracts with $10k non-refundable earnest money for air-tight commitment. Our up front pricing doesn't change. We are full grown adults that don't play games. We take pride in who we are and the service we provide.


We come with 1000's of verifiable closed transactions as well as current professional references. We provide solid bank verification of funds to close as well as a 20 year history and recommendation letter from our bank. We provide $10k non-refundable earnest money as total commitment to follow through on our transactions. 

We close at licensed and insured local title companies and we will pay all up-front costs that go with the sale. We can have a realtor or attorney involved if it makes you more comfortable, or we can save the fees and deal directly.

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